New hats, gacha, and group gift!

It’s been a busy week!  I’ve sculpted all new updated versions of the popular Onigiri animal hats!  I did my best to keep them as true to the originals as possible, but most notably they’re sculpted, shadow mapped, and have much better colors (in my opinion, anyway!)  I about drove my husband crazy asking his opinions about them every step of the way, trying to balance redesigning with the old hats in mind, retaining the cute knitted style while also keeping as many details of the actual animal as I could!  It was a lot of fun, though, and I hope everyone will enjoy them!  They’re 99L each and can be purchased only in-world at the moment (marketplace will still probably be a couple of days; I’m a bit exhausted!)  I’ve also placed them all in a gacha next to the display for 49L apiece (in case you just want one, and don’t care which, or want to take your chances. ^_^)  The gacha also contains a limited edition rare black cat version for Halloween!

The new hats!

The new hats!

Speaking of Halloween: I’ve also made a group gift Jack-o-lantern knitted kitty hat, available in the store until Halloween!  Just wear your group tag and click the box.

Finally: for whatever reason, people may have preferred the old, non-sculpted hats or missed out on picking up some particular one they had their heart set on.  I’ve boxed them all up together and they’re available in the discount section for $L495, and will remain there at least for the foreseeable future.

Hope all this news puts a smile on some faces. ^_^  Enjoy!

Onigiri is re-opening!

I’ve been a bit more active on SL lately, and after numerous “Where’s Onigiri?” inquiries, I’ve decided to open a new location and see how it goes.  Some new items will probably be out soon, as well as a gacha with some rare knitted animal hats (if you’ve got a request, feel free to make it here; I’m still debating what animals they will be!)  My doll keys have been aesthetically revamped with sculpted, light-mapped keys and a menu-controlled system rather than the old voice controls.  They mark the flagship products of my new line, Onigiri: Dolled Up!  Stop by and check everything out!

Little Hunt on the Khan Sim

If you haven’t heard of the Khan sim, you’ve been missing out on one of the cuter stores in SL – Gaki!  My friend Akiko informs me that there is a hunt going on through February 21st including her store and three others on the sim.  It’s a really short hunt, and totally worth it for the cuteness that is this dress:


Head on over to Gaki and snap one up for yourself!  You’re looking for a red heart. :)

Hair fair Sneak Peek #3!

My third and final contribution to this year’s hair fair is a style inspired by Amu from the anime/manga Shugo Chara!  I love her sense of style – she always has the cutest hair and clothes.  In fact it was this same style that made me pick up the manga to read to start with, and I’m glad I did.  The series is a lot of fun!  So here’s the style – it’s my favorite of any that I have ever done. ^_^  I hope you like it, and I’ll see you on Saturday at the Hair Fair!


Hair Fair Sneak Peak #2

Okay, this was my least favorite of the three styles I did for Hair Fair, but just because it doesn’t quite look right without the various stuff the character wears on her head – a maid headpiece at work, kitty ears when she’s transformed, etc. :P Anyway, this style was inspired by Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew (I’ve been told it came to the US under the name Mew Mew Power but that it was changed quite a bit.) Tokyo Mew Mew is definitely one of my favorite anime, being totally cute and appealing to a fairly wide audience – something kids could watch but you’d get even more out of as an adult, and having a bit of action, romance, world issues, loads of cuteness and some plain old good fun. :D Anyway, enough about the anime – here’s the hair! Remember, it will be available at the hair fair which starts this weekend (on the 20th) and won’t be in the store until it’s over! Enjoy. ^_^


Hair fair is coming! Sneak peek #1

Hair Fair is just a week away!  I’m so thrilled that I was invited this year! :D  I was so incredibly happy when it happened, I was bouncing all over the place for days.  Hair was the reason I ever opened my store back in 2006, when flexis were brand new.  I experimented and created a couple of hairstyles which were cute enough that I actually wanted to wear them, and thought maybe other people would, too!  But I’d never been invited to hair fair and every year I wouldn’t know it was even coming until it was announced as being just around the corner – in other words, too late to beg an entry for myself, if that was even allowed in past years.  So being thought of this year and sent an invite was the biggest honor and just made my whole year – a thousand thank yous to whoever thought of me. ^_^

Anyway, so I have made three hairstyles, each based on an anime/manga character, in trying to keep to Onigiri’s fandom roots.  They’re adapted a bit, mostly in the bangs, so they’ll look better in SL, since generally the stringy pointed anime bangs look isn’t very flattering in SL (or RL, for that matter, haha) but I generally kept to the original character’s overall hairstyle. I will be sending out each of the three styles in the usual update group special color (a deep metallic purple called Poison) once the fair starts!
The first style is called Saber, and is based on the style worn by Saber in Fate Stay Night.  This anime I haven’t actually seen, but I have had requests for it, so here it is.  Enjoy. ^_^  Look for the unveiling of the next style in a few days!


I released a cute new microphone yesterday that works as a typing animation overrider.  It is invisible until you type, and then you hold it up and “sing” (singing is silent) and dance like a pop star!  Better than typing on the invisible air keyboard, right? ^_^  You can find it for $L100 in the New Products section at the store.  Enjoy!


Shape: Custom, not available for sale

Skin: Elf*in Skin – No longer available

Hair: Magika – Curl – White A

Necklace: From the Starlust Motel lobby – {Violet Voltaire} Starlust Horny Necklace (CHEST)

Earrings: Available from Frop! as part of a gift outfit in the Keys to the VIP hunt – Frop! ducky Earrings

Bangles: .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:. -  CuPcAkE RaVeR BaNgLeS (May have been part of a hunt?  I’m not sure.)

Hat: Humby Designs (a gift from the Keys to the VIP hunt) – [HD] Goffer Cap Black Tartan

Clothing: 4Eva Gutta (gift from the Keys to the VIP hunt) – .!:{904}:!. s!de.[]<ix

Yes, I really did like that VIP hunt!  If you haven’t done it already – it is worth the 200L and then some!

Mood ring new at Onigiri!

I was in the mood to make something cute and fun the other day so I made a mood ring. ^_^ It responds to what you say, with dozens of key words and emoticons and five moods at present. When you trigger a mood change, it will shift gradually to the new color over several seconds, and if you trigger a new mood before it has finished its last shift, it will stop mid-shift and shift toward the new mood, just like a real ring! It has free automatic updates, so as I come up with more moods and words, it will grow even more. :D If I’ve missed any you think should be included, give me a shout!


New color-change Mary Janes at Onigiri!

I’m extremely sleep deprived and just got woken up, so I hope this post is still intelligible. :D

I released an update of sorts to my old mary janes in the store.  The new pair has different highlighting and a distinct sole, and is scripted with 13 textures and menu-controlled tinting to a variety of presets or any color of your own making.  If you preferred the old style, though, don’t worry – they’re not going away. :)


Persocom ears at Onigiri!

Last night I got the urge to make sculpted persocom (ie. Chii from Chobits) ears in SL :D Chobits was the first anime I ever sat all the way through and it’ll always be one of my favorites (the only one I’d seen before that was the badly-dubbed Fushigi Yuugi, which is much better in Japanese simply because half the time you want to shoot whoever did the voice acting for the American Miaka, and I only got about 5 episodes in even though I loved the manga to bits.) I love Chii – she is so adorable! And I haven’t been able to take these off since I made them. I’m going to be running around as a persocom for quite some time, I think :D Plus, I’m proud that the sculpts came out exactly as I wanted them. I don’t have a lot of experience with sculpties and it usually involves much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, but I actually had a lot of fun with these. I hope people have as much fun wearing them. :D By the way: the pictured color is the only one offered at the moment, but I’m totally open to recoloring for no extra charge. Just let me know what you need!


Eep!  I nearly forgot that I was planning to give credits for the stuff here.  I was made more aware recently that pose artists in particular get left out, so I’m leaving credits here:

Shape + Eyes: Custom, not for sale

Skin: Laqroki – Tess #6

Hair: Cake – Brooklyn in Blonde

Clothes: BareRose – Black Mist and White Mist, respectively


Left: Voflo Writer (no shop listed in picks? Couldn’t find it.) – cutieX))39

Right: Cake – cake.fp.stand.1450