Monthly Archives: October 2007

Happy Halloween!

On a whim this afternoon, I decided to make a halloween-themed knitted hat. It was going to be a jack-o-lantern, but as I made the face, it looked cuter as a kitty, so kitty it is. To get one of your own, hop on over to the store, walk up to the big block with [...]

Yay, Inspired got a review!

I had been toying with the idea of giving review copies of my items to a blogger to write about for quite a while, but could never pluck up the nerve. What if she hates everything I have? What items would I give for review? And what if what I choose isn’t her taste at [...]

New mall location for Inspired!

The other day, I was invited to the International Mall, a new shopping center which will be opening soon. It looks like there will be some really great talent in there, with a lot of stores I’ve never seen before. I was happy to see that Honey Kitty, one of my favorite stores, will be [...]

Unicorn purse!

I don’t know if I should be admitting it, but this is based upon the purse I actually carry around with me in real life when I only need my cell phone with me (so it’s essentially a fancy cell phone holder, I guess. The pouch is only big enough for that.) It’s adorable, and [...]


I had wanted to wait until I got added to Fashion Planet to write this, but I got too excited. Tao is out of town, and didn’t specify any ETA, so… here it is, yay! ^_^ The blog is finally finished and looking pretty! I’ll be putting up all my new stuff as it comes [...]