Unicorn purse!

I don’t know if I should be admitting it, but this is based upon the purse I actually carry around with me in real life when I only need my cell phone with me (so it’s essentially a fancy cell phone holder, I guess. The pouch is only big enough for that.) It’s adorable, and Thom urged me to make one in Second Life, so I stayed up all last night building it and making more textures than I can remember making for one thing in a long, long time! It was really fun, though! ^_^

Uniorn purse
Right now, the main project I’m doing is redoing some of my hair textures and making new variations on the alpha textures for each of the 120 colors. Since it is so time-consuming and expensive, I am doing it in fairly small bursts each night, and once I am done, I will be recoloring the Miaka hair, which is currently available in Mahogany, and then perhaps making some entirely new hair. I have so many I want to make! Anyway, until the textures and Miaka recoloring are done, new releases might be a little sporadic or slower, but you can still expect some cute things in the near future!

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