New mall location for Inspired!

My store at International mallThe other day, I was invited to the International Mall, a new shopping center which will be opening soon. It looks like there will be some really great talent in there, with a lot of stores I’ve never seen before. I was happy to see that Honey Kitty, one of my favorite stores, will be there too. ^_^ The mall looks really amazing, one of the better builds for a mall that I have seen, especially in that it encourages visitors to look up with its wide-open spaces and pretty views. The stairs are also actually easy to locate, too… I have seen too many malls where people didn’t even realize there were more floors because there was so little indication from below. Anyway, I’m pretty excited to be there, and hope the mall is a success! If you want to visit the mall yourself, it is located at Mall/102/128/24 ^_^


Here’s a view of the center of the mall from above. It branches off four ways on each floor. I met the builder and he plans to do something different with the fountain, but I think it looks great already.

mall-3.jpgAnd here’s one of the spectacular views from below.

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