Monthly Archives: November 2007

Christmas Stocking Treasure Hunt!

I’ve put together some goodies for everyone to enjoy for the holidays. Most of them are just winter-themed, so even if you don’t go in for the Christmas thing, there’s still something to enjoy. :) I still have a few ideas for winter stuff that I didn’t use in the hunt, so if find a [...]

New hair – Aiko!

I’ve finally released the Aiko hair in all 120 colors! This is the hair I created for the full avatar by the same name that will be released shortly, pending the face getting finished. :P On another note, the update group has reached 100 members! Wow! Thank you to all the members for your support [...]


Through next Friday, November 23, the Limited Edition Fairy Princess hairs and Autumn Fairy skin will be on sale. At that point, they will be retired to free up prims in the store. Enjoy!

New eyes!

The last week or so has been busy for me in RL, so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on things in SL. I’m finishing up another complete avatar, but am hung up on the skin for the time being because I want to give her a new face from any of [...]

New release: Miaka hair!

This cute little hairstyle is inspired by the character Miaka from the manga/anime “Fushigi Yuugi”. It comes in 84 colors (the other 36, being color-tipped combinations, did not look very good with this style) and the bows are touch menu-driven color change.  Members of my update group will find a copy of the hair in [...]