Aiko avatar released

Finally, the avatar I’ve been promising for weeks is out! Unfortunately, Thom the skin magician has a lot on his plate at the moment and didn’t have time to do the skin I was hoping for. Instead, I changed the anime skin a bit. I gave the nose a bit more shadow, added eye creases, highlights on the eyeshadow, and some more blush. It’s nothing drastic, but they were things about the skin that had been bugging me for a while now. I might just overhaul it entirely someday for all the skins, but that’s a long way down the road if I do decide to. Anyway. Here’s the avatar. ^_^


It’s my first attempt at sculpted shoes (and only my second attempt at shoes, ever. Sculpting is a whole lot easier in my opinion. I might try that again sometime; it was fun! The prim shoes I made were scary.) I’m still learning how to make clothes, but I won’t give up!

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