Monthly Archives: January 2008

The cutest store in SL!

My best friend, EmmaSam Demar (Em to those of us who know and love her ^_^) was finally badgered into opening a shop recently in Gettler, which she has dubbed Em’s Guffaw-ctory. Apt, I thought, as much as she loves to laugh, although I’ve never heard her guffaw, per se. Anyway. It’s about time! This [...]

Happy Rezday, Fashcon!

A big thank you to Honey Fairweather for all her hard work on Fashion Consolidated over this past year! I’ve placed an unreleased skin with black eyeshadow and red lipstick for free for today only at my store in celebration!


Apologies for my continued absence. The holidays were crazy, then there was the last-minute rush of details for my wedding, and my honeymoon. I’m finally home again and things are slowing down, but the house looks like a few train wrecks occurred while we were away or something, so I want to get my real [...]