The cutest store in SL!

My best friend, EmmaSam Demar (Em to those of us who know and love her ^_^) was finally badgered into opening a shop recently in Gettler, which she has dubbed Em’s Guffaw-ctory. Apt, I thought, as much as she loves to laugh, although I’ve never heard her guffaw, per se. Anyway. It’s about time! This girl has talent and imagination in spades. As I understand it, it’s still being rebuilt and redecorated frequently by her friend who owns the place, but when I TPed in today I was just wowed. I always knew Emma had an eye for detail and cuteness but I hadn’t seen her building as of late, so I had no idea what she had been up to. I’m a terrible photographer, so bear with me. I’m really just not capturing the cuteness of this place. ;)


The first thing I see: she has sculpty tulips as displays over in a little garden! AWWW! I couldn’t resist picking up her Valentine’s Lunch 4 2 bracelet. Where does she come up with these ideas? It’s like she’s channeling a Japanese artist, or maybe taking that drug that makes you hallucinate cute that I suspect those Japanese people of taking. Whatever it is, I want some of it.


Next I spot her adorable couch. It has hearts for arms. And it’s pink. I’m all over that.


This giraffe table/tree couch has been around for a long time. It’s one of my favorite of her pieces and I’ve requested it brought out at my house during crowded hangout sessions before. ^_^ She tells me she’s going to have a whole safari theme over there soon.


But the things that’ll probably steal the most hearts, I think, will be her ever-growing variety of adorable, unique, neko-themed accessories. She has a necklace and bracelet with a bunch of little charms on them of things like catnip and yarn balls, a pair of boots with laces wrapped around them and kitties on the toes, mouse earrings.. they are all so cute! And do you see this display? If you look on the left of the tree, there’s a set of fluffy cuffs in a variety of colors. I was wearing the black ones in the ad I posted yesterday for the classic makeup skin. But this display is just awesome. The cupcakes got me. Anything with sugar gets me. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit her shop and get your quota of cute! And keep an eye on this one, girls, her stuff is one of a kind and utterly aww-soliciting. Hopefully you’ll soon be seeing her in other places, too (for instance, at Inspired!)

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