Doll keys and a contest at Onigiri!

Guess I’ll continue using this blog until I have a new one for Onigiri up and running. ^^ Yesterday, I released 5 doll keys at Onigiri (formerly Inspired.) Each winds like a key on your back (which can be turned on or off) and plays a different song (also can be turned on or off.) The actual metal “key” part can also be changed to silver, gold, rusty, or tarnished (black). The ribbon key also has a touch color change menu. ^^ Whew! Each of the songs in the keys is from an anime (painstakingly transcribed by yours truly, haha), and is inspired by the theme of the key.





I’m having a contest to name my new web domain! I haven’t come up with a name I like that isn’t already taken. I know the perfect name is waiting for me out there, but many heads are definitely better than one overworked one! -_-; So, I’m doing a call for ideas! I am offering a lifetime of new releases and the whole pile of already-released stuff (yep, the whole store, past, present, and future, excluding one-of-a-kinds, of course) OR 5000L$ up-front, your choice, to the person who comes up with that perfect domain name for Onigiri.

A couple of rules:

1) The domain name must not be taken. If you aren’t sure, try entering your idea under “Domain name search” at If it’s available, it will tell you so!

2) You should submit your idea to Maegen Parvenu in a notecard no later than March 17th, 2008.

3) You can enter more than once, and do remember to put your name on any and all notecards, either in the name or inside!

Hints for winning:
- I would *prefer* a name with Onigiri in it, but will consider really good ones without.
- Shorter is better.
- Easy to remember is great.

What is an onigiri? Simple answer: it’s a rice ball. The little “dots” on the I’s in the Onigiri logo are anime-ized onigiri. The long answer? Well you’ll have to IM me if you want to hear it. ^^ (click the logo below to see a larger version ^^)

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