More cowbell!

So many people I know seem to love that classic SNL skit.  For me it was one of those things that got funnier the more I watched it.  You watch it and go “huh?” and then you find yourself thinking about it hours later and you have to go see it again.  Kinda like “Shoes” or the LOTR Mashed Taters song.  Anyway.  I was inspired to do a cowbell choker.  Granted, it doesn’t sound like the one in the skit – that’s the kind you hit, it’s a different sound that way – but when you see it, you can’t help but think of the skit. :D

The choker is color changeable and the bell rings when you move (and stops when you stop.)  You can also turn the ringing off altogether, or adjust how frequently it rings.  I think I may add more colors in the future – there are 7 now – and hand out updates, but I’m not sure.  I wanted to keep the menu as streamlined as possible, without having to click 5 things to get the end result.  Anyway, here it is!


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    Guess what. I’ve got a fever…

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