New releases at Onigiri

I wanted to save my new releases for a big grand opening of Onigiri’s new location, but real life has been constantly getting in the way. The good news is that we finally bought a house! The bad news is, we bought a house. It’s going to cost the absolute max we got approved for, so I no longer have the luxury of being a housewife and calling SL my “job” – I have to get out there in the “real” world and make some money or we’ll be uncomfortably tight. Because we were so busy between RL birthdays and visits and house hunting and all, I haven’t even had time to make much stuff in SL and the grand opening has gotten postponed a ridiculously long time already, so I’m just not going to do one. I’m just releasing these items as usual and announcing the location, and crossing my fingers. ^^ The new store’s going to look pretty empty for a while (the original plan was to fill it up before the grand opening!) but I wrote down my many many ideas so they’ll still get done, just not as soon as I’d hoped. I’ll be missing seeing as much of you all as I have these last couple of years. It’s been fun!

The first release is a neko collar, scripted much the same as the cowbell choker (the neko collar came first, but the search for the bell sound inspired the cowbell choker. :D) ie. color change, bell sound + controls.


The other release today is a treasure chest purse. Who doesn’t love all things pirate? I know I do!


Lastly, I guess it would help to tell you where the new store is! It’s at I won’t be closing the Sibine location anytime in the near future, though, so no worry if you’d rather go there for whatever reason, like if you really hate pink. :D

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