Monthly Archives: February 2009

Gothic Lolita Crown – New at Onigiri!

This cute little crown is now available at Onigiri for 75L and includes all 8 options (2 base colors (black and white) each with 4 gem/fabric options (red, pink, white, and rainbow)) in one cute little package!

New at Onigiri!

Obsessively observant people will note that I had a set of these wings in the front window of Onigiri for the past … year, or so.  I just finally got around to giving them some color options and a little TLC.  I’m finally satisfied with them, so they’re up in the store now.  I have [...]

Newness at Onigiri!

I know it’s been ages and ages since I’ve made anything – I had a bit of a hiatus from, if not SL entirely, the creative aspects thereof.  Like a months-long writer’s block, except that it seemed like everything I tried to make with a plan came out looking horrible.  I spent a lot of [...]