New at Onigiri!

Obsessively observant people will note that I had a set of these wings in the front window of Onigiri for the past … year, or so.  I just finally got around to giving them some color options and a little TLC.  I’m finally satisfied with them, so they’re up in the store now.  I have also added a lucky chair-only pink starry version.  I’m not sure yet how long I’ll keep it in there, so if you want it, hop on over and grab it!



Lastly, I’ve also released a simple little feather necklace.  It sounds silly, and you can’t see it very well in the ad, but I was pretty proud of the feather on it.  I drew it all by hand from scratch, and having crap-all for artistic talent (though God knows I try and try), it was an accomplishment for me.  I was so proud I was bragging about it to my husband the minute he walked in the door from work, haha.  Anyway, here it is.  Hope you like it!


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