Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tan is (back?) in on SL

I haven’t been on a skin binge in a long while (since Gala Phoenix put out those skins at the skin fair some time back that were all over the feed for months) and I guess it was just waiting to catch up with me. While I find myself falling in love with one skin [...]

Customer feedback?

As designers, we are all, nearly without exception, committed to providing the best experience we can for our customers. We listen to their comments, complaints, praise, and suggestions, and work them in as best we can. We build our stores with the thoughts in mind: If I teleported into this place looking for X, would [...]

Onigiri’s wings are now scripted!

A few months ago, I got it in my head that what Onigiri really needed was to script the wings. I LOVE making wings, but they just didn’t shine when compared to the ones that fluttered and all of that other stuff. I tried it on my own for about an hour before I was [...]

New dress at Onigiri ~ 50% off today only!

New at Onigiri – A princess set in black and white! It includes the dress with two skirt and two sleeve colors, and a choker (with two attachment point options), scepter, and crown each in two colors. I’m setting it half off today only as a little Easter sale. Speaking of sales, if you haven’t [...]