Onigiri’s wings are now scripted!

A few months ago, I got it in my head that what Onigiri really needed was to script the wings. I LOVE making wings, but they just didn’t shine when compared to the ones that fluttered and all of that other stuff. I tried it on my own for about an hour before I was tearing my hair out :D So I went to Thom, my genius coder (and husband, as he reminds me), and told him that what I really want for my birthday is for my wings to flutter and resize. Those were the only specifications I gave him… but he went absolutely all-out. I built a HUD and he made it work, and now just a few days before my birthday, Onigiri has the scripted wings of my dreams!

Not only do they flutter and resize, they can glitter, glow, change colors, and all kinds of other crazy stuff to make any control freak salivate. Basically, if you could do it with Edit mode, you can do it with the HUD and be assured you won’t mess up the wings. I love it. I’m so happy!

I’m now going through the process of updating most of the old wings to the new scripted system. You’ll also probably see quite a few new wings in the near future as I giddily play with my new toy. You can pick up demos in the store, or if you want something to dance around in and play with all the capabilities of the HUD without a demo sign over your head, I’ve also put out a freebie pair of scripted swirly wings for your entertainment. :D


Here are some pictures of me goofing with the HUD wearing the cyber wings.




As I was updating some of the decor in the store, I also made a new moon, sculpted, with the pose built in to save prims. I decided to share it as well.



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