Monthly Archives: May 2009

I released a cute new microphone yesterday that works as a typing animation overrider.  It is invisible until you type, and then you hold it up and “sing” (singing is silent) and dance like a pop star!  Better than typing on the invisible air keyboard, right? ^_^  You can find it for $L100 in the [...]

Mood ring new at Onigiri!

I was in the mood to make something cute and fun the other day so I made a mood ring. ^_^ It responds to what you say, with dozens of key words and emoticons and five moods at present. When you trigger a mood change, it will shift gradually to the new color over several [...]

New color-change Mary Janes at Onigiri!

I’m extremely sleep deprived and just got woken up, so I hope this post is still intelligible. :D I released an update of sorts to my old mary janes in the store.  The new pair has different highlighting and a distinct sole, and is scripted with 13 textures and menu-controlled tinting to a variety of [...]

Persocom ears at Onigiri!

Last night I got the urge to make sculpted persocom (ie. Chii from Chobits) ears in SL :D Chobits was the first anime I ever sat all the way through and it’ll always be one of my favorites (the only one I’d seen before that was the badly-dubbed Fushigi Yuugi, which is much better in [...]