I released a cute new microphone yesterday that works as a typing animation overrider.  It is invisible until you type, and then you hold it up and “sing” (singing is silent) and dance like a pop star!  Better than typing on the invisible air keyboard, right? ^_^  You can find it for $L100 in the New Products section at the store.  Enjoy!


Shape: Custom, not available for sale

Skin: Elf*in Skin – No longer available

Hair: Magika – Curl – White A

Necklace: From the Starlust Motel lobby – {Violet Voltaire} Starlust Horny Necklace (CHEST)

Earrings: Available from Frop! as part of a gift outfit in the Keys to the VIP hunt – Frop! ducky Earrings

Bangles: .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:. -  CuPcAkE RaVeR BaNgLeS (May have been part of a hunt?  I’m not sure.)

Hat: Humby Designs (a gift from the Keys to the VIP hunt) – [HD] Goffer Cap Black Tartan

Clothing: 4Eva Gutta (gift from the Keys to the VIP hunt) – .!:{904}:!. s!de.[]<ix

Yes, I really did like that VIP hunt!  If you haven’t done it already – it is worth the 200L and then some!

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