Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hair fair Sneak Peek #3!

My third and final contribution to this year’s hair fair is a style inspired by Amu from the anime/manga Shugo Chara!  I love her sense of style – she always has the cutest hair and clothes.  In fact it was this same style that made me pick up the manga to read to start with, [...]

Hair Fair Sneak Peak #2

Okay, this was my least favorite of the three styles I did for Hair Fair, but just because it doesn’t quite look right without the various stuff the character wears on her head – a maid headpiece at work, kitty ears when she’s transformed, etc. :P Anyway, this style was inspired by Ichigo from Tokyo [...]

Hair fair is coming! Sneak peek #1

Hair Fair is just a week away!  I’m so thrilled that I was invited this year! :D  I was so incredibly happy when it happened, I was bouncing all over the place for days.  Hair was the reason I ever opened my store back in 2006, when flexis were brand new.  I experimented and created [...]