Hair fair is coming! Sneak peek #1

Hair Fair is just a week away!  I’m so thrilled that I was invited this year! :D  I was so incredibly happy when it happened, I was bouncing all over the place for days.  Hair was the reason I ever opened my store back in 2006, when flexis were brand new.  I experimented and created a couple of hairstyles which were cute enough that I actually wanted to wear them, and thought maybe other people would, too!  But I’d never been invited to hair fair and every year I wouldn’t know it was even coming until it was announced as being just around the corner – in other words, too late to beg an entry for myself, if that was even allowed in past years.  So being thought of this year and sent an invite was the biggest honor and just made my whole year – a thousand thank yous to whoever thought of me. ^_^

Anyway, so I have made three hairstyles, each based on an anime/manga character, in trying to keep to Onigiri’s fandom roots.  They’re adapted a bit, mostly in the bangs, so they’ll look better in SL, since generally the stringy pointed anime bangs look isn’t very flattering in SL (or RL, for that matter, haha) but I generally kept to the original character’s overall hairstyle. I will be sending out each of the three styles in the usual update group special color (a deep metallic purple called Poison) once the fair starts!
The first style is called Saber, and is based on the style worn by Saber in Fate Stay Night.  This anime I haven’t actually seen, but I have had requests for it, so here it is.  Enjoy. ^_^  Look for the unveiling of the next style in a few days!


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