Hair Fair Sneak Peak #2

Okay, this was my least favorite of the three styles I did for Hair Fair, but just because it doesn’t quite look right without the various stuff the character wears on her head – a maid headpiece at work, kitty ears when she’s transformed, etc. :P Anyway, this style was inspired by Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew (I’ve been told it came to the US under the name Mew Mew Power but that it was changed quite a bit.) Tokyo Mew Mew is definitely one of my favorite anime, being totally cute and appealing to a fairly wide audience – something kids could watch but you’d get even more out of as an adult, and having a bit of action, romance, world issues, loads of cuteness and some plain old good fun. :D Anyway, enough about the anime – here’s the hair! Remember, it will be available at the hair fair which starts this weekend (on the 20th) and won’t be in the store until it’s over! Enjoy. ^_^


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