About Maegen

Hi! I’m Maegen Parvenu, the crazy girl who owns Onigiri. I’m just a relatively ordinary 29-year old girl with an insane love of everything cute.  I owe the success of Onigiri to my obscenely talented husband (Thom Frye in SL), who has helped me and been supportive of every little effort along the way, even to the point of staying up all night long helping me, and to EmmaSam Demar, who was my tireless cheerleader throughout the early stages of my creative efforts in SL, always pushing me along and helping me figure out how to make things better, and never letting me quit.  Without them, the store could never be here today. I live in Arizona with my little family: my husband, Thom, our cat, Kaizoku, and our dog, Penny.  Thom is my hero, always here to make things work when I’m tearing my hair out over something I just can’t quite get to work to my standards.  He makes my dreams come true in and out of world.  If I have an idea and he sees I am passionate about it, he’ll move mountains to make it so. Between building this site, scripting things that are way beyond me, helping me make over the store, touching up textures that are just making me scream, and countless other things, he has done so much that I am ever grateful for, and I am just in awe of his abilities.  He is every bit the backbone of Onigiri; I am merely the brain and the very clumsy hands. :)

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