About Onigiri


In November of 2005, Onigiri in its first incarnation was born as Twilight’s Moon, in a tiny 512 sq. meter plot next to a giant shopping mall. It was, and remains, a labor of love, designed merely to share and showcase the many things sparked into life by some corner of my imagination. This little shop lasted only about two months, but the hunger inside me to create remained. In May of 2006, with the advent of flexi prims, I decided to try my hand at hair. Twilight’s Moon was rebuilt on a new piece of land, a cute little series of Japanese buildings with a different “department” in each. So varied were my interests in creating that I had no idea what path I would take, only that I wanted to share it all if I could. Four months later, I decided that Twilight’s Moon needed a cleaner, more modern look, and with the help of my husband, it became Inspired, with its clean, bright white… well, everything. Over this last year, it has gradually evolved, as most things do, following my tastes and to a degree the tastes of others, and as some “departments” were pruned away, others emerged, as I experimented with new ideas and tried my hand at more challenging things.  Although I loved what I had going with Inspired, it was difficult for people to find me – it seems a lot of things in-world are “inspired” by other things, and those places tended to be more popular!  Other shops with similar names were also beginning to crop up, and it was time to take on a more unique identity.


Enter Onigiri – the perfect name to embody the cute style with a bit of Japanese pop culture slant and a bit of my own personality thrown in.  Anyone who has read or seen Fruits Basket has an idea what I’m talking about; the silly girl who never quite fit in, finding her place at last.  For those who are wondering – I get asked this a lot – Onigiri is the Japanese word for “rice ball”.  It isn’t probably something I’d find tasty; I’d never fit in in Japan because I really hate rice unless it is smothered in butter or flavoring.  They look really cute though!  I can’t wait to share all of my efforts with you, and hope you will enjoy my work!
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