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New hats, gacha, and group gift!

It’s been a busy week!  I’ve sculpted all new updated versions of the popular Onigiri animal hats!  I did my best to keep them as true to the originals as possible, but most notably they’re sculpted, shadow mapped, and have much better colors (in my opinion, anyway!)  I about drove my husband crazy asking his [...]

Onigiri is re-opening!

I’ve been a bit more active on SL lately, and after numerous “Where’s Onigiri?” inquiries, I’ve decided to open a new location and see how it goes.  Some new items will probably be out soon, as well as a gacha with some rare knitted animal hats (if you’ve got a request, feel free to make [...]

Little Hunt on the Khan Sim

If you haven’t heard of the Khan sim, you’ve been missing out on one of the cuter stores in SL – Gaki!  My friend Akiko informs me that there is a hunt going on through February 21st including her store and three others on the sim.  It’s a really short hunt, and totally worth it [...]

Hair fair Sneak Peek #3!

My third and final contribution to this year’s hair fair is a style inspired by Amu from the anime/manga Shugo Chara!  I love her sense of style – she always has the cutest hair and clothes.  In fact it was this same style that made me pick up the manga to read to start with, [...]

Hair Fair Sneak Peak #2

Okay, this was my least favorite of the three styles I did for Hair Fair, but just because it doesn’t quite look right without the various stuff the character wears on her head – a maid headpiece at work, kitty ears when she’s transformed, etc. :P Anyway, this style was inspired by Ichigo from Tokyo [...]

Hair fair is coming! Sneak peek #1

Hair Fair is just a week away!  I’m so thrilled that I was invited this year! :D  I was so incredibly happy when it happened, I was bouncing all over the place for days.  Hair was the reason I ever opened my store back in 2006, when flexis were brand new.  I experimented and created [...]

I released a cute new microphone yesterday that works as a typing animation overrider.  It is invisible until you type, and then you hold it up and “sing” (singing is silent) and dance like a pop star!  Better than typing on the invisible air keyboard, right? ^_^  You can find it for $L100 in the [...]

Mood ring new at Onigiri!

I was in the mood to make something cute and fun the other day so I made a mood ring. ^_^ It responds to what you say, with dozens of key words and emoticons and five moods at present. When you trigger a mood change, it will shift gradually to the new color over several [...]

New color-change Mary Janes at Onigiri!

I’m extremely sleep deprived and just got woken up, so I hope this post is still intelligible. :D I released an update of sorts to my old mary janes in the store.  The new pair has different highlighting and a distinct sole, and is scripted with 13 textures and menu-controlled tinting to a variety of [...]

Persocom ears at Onigiri!

Last night I got the urge to make sculpted persocom (ie. Chii from Chobits) ears in SL :D Chobits was the first anime I ever sat all the way through and it’ll always be one of my favorites (the only one I’d seen before that was the badly-dubbed Fushigi Yuugi, which is much better in [...]