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More cowbell!

So many people I know seem to love that classic SNL skit.  For me it was one of those things that got funnier the more I watched it.  You watch it and go “huh?” and then you find yourself thinking about it hours later and you have to go see it again.  Kinda like “Shoes” [...]

New freebies and egg hunt at Onigiri!

Today I put a free jewelry set (necklace, earrings, and bracelet) and a cuddly Onigiri toy out at the store. ^^  I’m almost starting to like making jewelry.  Almost. It’s still kind of a pain in the butt. :D Also, Onigiri will be taking part in one of the many grid-wide hunts this weekend!  Sunday [...]

Group gift – cherry blossom mary janes!

I am so in love with spring! I have been ready for it to come since it left last year. To get into a spring mood, I made a pair of mary janes for my group today. ^^ Now, I absolutely rot at taking pictures of shoes, and I will not be giving up my [...]

Contest results!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who kindly sent in submissions for the domain name contest! It was an extremely tough choice in the end between three submissions, but eventually one of them sparked the idea for the name I went with, so she has been awarded the grand prize! ^^ Congratulations to [...]

Doll keys and a contest at Onigiri!

Guess I’ll continue using this blog until I have a new one for Onigiri up and running. ^^ Yesterday, I released 5 doll keys at Onigiri (formerly Inspired.) Each winds like a key on your back (which can be turned on or off) and plays a different song (also can be turned on or off.) [...]

Haruhi Suzumiya avatar

She’s finally done!  I released the Haruhi Suzumiya avatar at my store this morning.  I got some requests for the bunny outfit, and I may still do it, but I’m kind of Haruhi’d out for the time being. If you don’t want the entire avatar, it is also available in various parts separately. On another [...]

Fashion for Fido event

In case you hadn’t read about it yet, Raven Lament of Ravenwear is hosting a fundraiser for the K-9 New Life Center in Virginia. There will be a fashion show and an auction which starts tomorrow, March 6th, and ends on March 10th at 6 am (so if you’re not an early bird, get your [...]

New hair- Haruhi!

I mentioned a few days ago that I am working on a new avatar. This one is based on Haruhi Suzumiya of Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutso (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) :D All that’s left to do is her outfit (of course, I say “all that’s left” and what I really mean is, OMG I [...]

Another set of anime eyes

I know; how many different styles of anime eyes do you need? Well, if you ask me, you can never have too many. Each one has a different expression and style and completes a unique look. So here I am, up to number six! I’ve tried something new this time. While I was experimenting with [...]

New Releases!

I’ve been a bit behind on posting my new releases. It feels weird posting over every smallest thing, but I like to put things up as I finish them rather than wait and do a bunch at once. It gives me more sense of accomplishment day to day. :D Anyway, here’s my much-belated update: A [...]