More cowbell!

So many people I know seem to love that classic SNL skit.  For me it was one of those things that got funnier the more I watched it.  You watch it and go “huh?” and then you find yourself thinking about it hours later and you have to go see it again.  Kinda like “Shoes” or the LOTR Mashed Taters song.  Anyway.  I was inspired to do a cowbell choker.  Granted, it doesn’t sound like the one in the skit – that’s the kind you hit, it’s a different sound that way – but when you see it, you can’t help but think of the skit. :D

The choker is color changeable and the bell rings when you move (and stops when you stop.)  You can also turn the ringing off altogether, or adjust how frequently it rings.  I think I may add more colors in the future – there are 7 now – and hand out updates, but I’m not sure.  I wanted to keep the menu as streamlined as possible, without having to click 5 things to get the end result.  Anyway, here it is!


New freebies and egg hunt at Onigiri!

Today I put a free jewelry set (necklace, earrings, and bracelet) and a cuddly Onigiri toy out at the store. ^^  I’m almost starting to like making jewelry.  Almost. It’s still kind of a pain in the butt. :D



Also, Onigiri will be taking part in one of the many grid-wide hunts this weekend!  Sunday and Monday (and some of us started early, too!) there will be eggs out with prizes in them at many different shops around the grid.  You start at the first one, find that prize, and it will give you the landmark to the next one!  The egg aren’t hidden, but they are placed somewhere in the stores.  If you aren’t already sick to death of hunting, come on over and hunt a for a few more eggs!  Mine has some shoes, a skin, a shape, and a pair of eyes in it, all in pastels for spring/Easter (well, not the shape, obviously, haha.)

Enjoy your holiday, everyone!

Group gift – cherry blossom mary janes!

I am so in love with spring! I have been ready for it to come since it left last year. To get into a spring mood, I made a pair of mary janes for my group today. ^^ Now, I absolutely rot at taking pictures of shoes, and I will not be giving up my day job to become a photographer anytime soon. That said, I present to you a cute little pair of pink shoes with silver heart buckles and a cherry blossom pattern, free for joining the Onigiri Updates! group. Once you join, check the archives – I passed them out earlier this evening. I couldn’t get the detail too well in the picture, but trust me, they are cute! And they’re free!


Contest results!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who kindly sent in submissions for the domain name contest! It was an extremely tough choice in the end between three submissions, but eventually one of them sparked the idea for the name I went with, so she has been awarded the grand prize! ^^ Congratulations to Jaquelyn Stoop!! I awarded a couple of little prizes too, to CyFishy Traveler (whose domain submission I was also debating with myself over at the time of the idea) and Ces Babii for the beautiful, well-thought out letter accompanying her submission supporting her idea, that deserved recognition in itself for the effort it must have taken. It was so good, I was struggling with myself not to choose it despite the fact that I liked the ring of the other two better. ^^

The new website’s address is I’ll be working on the redesign, but for now it’s just the same as Inspired’s site. :P

Thanks again everyone for participating! ^^

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Doll keys and a contest at Onigiri!

Guess I’ll continue using this blog until I have a new one for Onigiri up and running. ^^ Yesterday, I released 5 doll keys at Onigiri (formerly Inspired.) Each winds like a key on your back (which can be turned on or off) and plays a different song (also can be turned on or off.) The actual metal “key” part can also be changed to silver, gold, rusty, or tarnished (black). The ribbon key also has a touch color change menu. ^^ Whew! Each of the songs in the keys is from an anime (painstakingly transcribed by yours truly, haha), and is inspired by the theme of the key.





I’m having a contest to name my new web domain! I haven’t come up with a name I like that isn’t already taken. I know the perfect name is waiting for me out there, but many heads are definitely better than one overworked one! -_-; So, I’m doing a call for ideas! I am offering a lifetime of new releases and the whole pile of already-released stuff (yep, the whole store, past, present, and future, excluding one-of-a-kinds, of course) OR 5000L$ up-front, your choice, to the person who comes up with that perfect domain name for Onigiri.

A couple of rules:

1) The domain name must not be taken. If you aren’t sure, try entering your idea under “Domain name search” at If it’s available, it will tell you so!

2) You should submit your idea to Maegen Parvenu in a notecard no later than March 17th, 2008.

3) You can enter more than once, and do remember to put your name on any and all notecards, either in the name or inside!

Hints for winning:
- I would *prefer* a name with Onigiri in it, but will consider really good ones without.
- Shorter is better.
- Easy to remember is great.

What is an onigiri? Simple answer: it’s a rice ball. The little “dots” on the I’s in the Onigiri logo are anime-ized onigiri. The long answer? Well you’ll have to IM me if you want to hear it. ^^ (click the logo below to see a larger version ^^)

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Haruhi Suzumiya avatar

She’s finally done!  I released the Haruhi Suzumiya avatar at my store this morning.  I got some requests for the bunny outfit, and I may still do it, but I’m kind of Haruhi’d out for the time being.

If you don’t want the entire avatar, it is also available in various parts separately.

On another note, I bought a new piece of land yesterday!  I was running low on prims in the store and was thinking it was time for an upgrade.  I’ve been considering renaming my store for some time, in a large part because “Inspired” is such a common word in SL.  On any given day you can search the fashion feed for “inspired” and get 5 hits, and none of them would have anything to do with the store. :D  It’s such a common word, in fact, that there are at least two other stores in SL using the same name at this point! -_-;  So I’m trying to come up with a new name, and wondered if anyone had any opinions on whether I should make the name switch at the same time as the unveiling of the new location, or later, so as to avoid total chaos and confusion?  Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

Fashion for Fido event

In case you hadn’t read about it yet, Raven Lament of Ravenwear is hosting a fundraiser for the K-9 New Life Center in Virginia. There will be a fashion show and an auction which starts tomorrow, March 6th, and ends on March 10th at 6 am (so if you’re not an early bird, get your bidding in the night before!). This is a great opportunity for you to help animals in need while loading up on some awesome one-of-a-kind items! Inspired has a bunch of gift cards going up on the block, as well as a one-of-a-kind necklace.

If you can’t come to the auction or don’t want to take part in that, consider donating at the jar I have placed at the store! All the proceeds go directly to the charity. If you click the sign just above the jar, you’ll also get a landmark to the auction, but the auction grounds itself will not be open until March 6th.
For more details, please see this post! I hope to see everybody there! ^^

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New hair- Haruhi!

I mentioned a few days ago that I am working on a new avatar. This one is based on Haruhi Suzumiya of Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutso (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) :D All that’s left to do is her outfit (of course, I say “all that’s left” and what I really mean is, OMG I have no idea how I’m going to do it, I’m terrified of doing clothing.) I have no idea how long it will take me to complete said outfit, but wish me luck! As for today, I have released her hair in 84 colors and sent an exclusive color to my update group! I hope you enjoy it ^^


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Another set of anime eyes

I know; how many different styles of anime eyes do you need? Well, if you ask me, you can never have too many. Each one has a different expression and style and completes a unique look. So here I am, up to number six! I’ve tried something new this time. While I was experimenting with the look in Second Life, I noticed that making the eye more oval rather than perfectly round accentuated the eye in a more anime style, which, in my opinion, in turn made the avatar look more “anime-like”. Each time I make a new anime avatar, I try to do something new with its looks to bring the SL avatar closer to achieving an anime look without looking completely stupid (so, no lipless looks!) or resorting to a prim head which is much less versatile when it comes to animations, hair, accessories, makeup, etc. So I’m pretty pleased with the eye breakthrough! But, for those of you not trying to look anime and simply want a bright, colorful eye, a round version is also included in each color.

While I’m on the topic of new anime avatars, I’m actually in the middle of making another! These happen to be based on her eyes (and will be the ones available in the avatar package when it is released.) ^_^ Can you guess who it is?

Shown: Anime Eyes Style 06 in the group exclusive mint color.


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New Releases!

I’ve been a bit behind on posting my new releases. It feels weird posting over every smallest thing, but I like to put things up as I finish them rather than wait and do a bunch at once. It gives me more sense of accomplishment day to day. :D Anyway, here’s my much-belated update:

A studded cross belt – I actually had this on my to-do list for over two years before I got around to it! I decided to do a few of the oldest projects I had written down a while back, so they’d see the light of day. Anyway, I really like how it turned out. I want a belt like this in RL.




Next I made a cute little knitted pot of flowers. I realize in retrospect that this was perhaps an odd choice of things to make, but they were so cute I had to finish them anyway. I think they’d make a pretty cute Valentine’s gift for people who adore all things kawaii. ^^



Next, a shape: I realized I hadn’t made one in quite some time and actually didn’t have any “real”, non-anime type shapes in my shop yet, so I made one. I used my favorite skins (and an anime skin, for the heck of it, though I’ve never thought they looked right on ‘normal’ shapes) for the ad, and was pleased that they all looked pretty good on this shape, yet the shape looked nothing like “me”!



Finally, I made a pair of wings. I really, really love how the rainbow pair turned out. I have always had a thing for wings, but I never get around to wearing them. I probably won’t take these off for a while, though. The wings come in two versions. Both are flexi, but I realized not everyone likes having a ton of whooshing feathers flying around at their every turn, so I made some simple ones that have some flex but no whoosh, and the fancy ones flow more freely. They are, however, modifiable, so if one disliked the whoosh (or wanted more!) they could play with the flexi settings.


Whew! That’s everything. ^^

On one final note, I have moved the freebie section in my store to the display to the left of the discount section. It was getting too crowded on the end cap.
Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!