The cutest store in SL!

My best friend, EmmaSam Demar (Em to those of us who know and love her ^_^) was finally badgered into opening a shop recently in Gettler, which she has dubbed Em’s Guffaw-ctory. Apt, I thought, as much as she loves to laugh, although I’ve never heard her guffaw, per se. Anyway. It’s about time! This girl has talent and imagination in spades. As I understand it, it’s still being rebuilt and redecorated frequently by her friend who owns the place, but when I TPed in today I was just wowed. I always knew Emma had an eye for detail and cuteness but I hadn’t seen her building as of late, so I had no idea what she had been up to. I’m a terrible photographer, so bear with me. I’m really just not capturing the cuteness of this place. ;)


The first thing I see: she has sculpty tulips as displays over in a little garden! AWWW! I couldn’t resist picking up her Valentine’s Lunch 4 2 bracelet. Where does she come up with these ideas? It’s like she’s channeling a Japanese artist, or maybe taking that drug that makes you hallucinate cute that I suspect those Japanese people of taking. Whatever it is, I want some of it.


Next I spot her adorable couch. It has hearts for arms. And it’s pink. I’m all over that.


This giraffe table/tree couch has been around for a long time. It’s one of my favorite of her pieces and I’ve requested it brought out at my house during crowded hangout sessions before. ^_^ She tells me she’s going to have a whole safari theme over there soon.


But the things that’ll probably steal the most hearts, I think, will be her ever-growing variety of adorable, unique, neko-themed accessories. She has a necklace and bracelet with a bunch of little charms on them of things like catnip and yarn balls, a pair of boots with laces wrapped around them and kitties on the toes, mouse earrings.. they are all so cute! And do you see this display? If you look on the left of the tree, there’s a set of fluffy cuffs in a variety of colors. I was wearing the black ones in the ad I posted yesterday for the classic makeup skin. But this display is just awesome. The cupcakes got me. Anything with sugar gets me. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit her shop and get your quota of cute! And keep an eye on this one, girls, her stuff is one of a kind and utterly aww-soliciting. Hopefully you’ll soon be seeing her in other places, too (for instance, at Inspired!)

Happy Rezday, Fashcon!

A big thank you to Honey Fairweather for all her hard work on Fashion Consolidated over this past year! I’ve placed an unreleased skin with black eyeshadow and red lipstick for free for today only at my store in celebration! <3 Fashcon!



Apologies for my continued absence. The holidays were crazy, then there was the last-minute rush of details for my wedding, and my honeymoon. I’m finally home again and things are slowing down, but the house looks like a few train wrecks occurred while we were away or something, so I want to get my real life in order before I start spending hours at the computer again. I hope to be back to designing soon!

Missing you all,

Group gift Miraj hair

A few weeks ago when the group hit 100 members, I said I’d make a special gift as soon as I thought of one. Well, it’s taken me ages and I still hadn’t had any bright ideas; I wanted to make something entirely new and exclusive to the group. The best idea I had was a hairstyle, so here it is. ^_^ I saw this style on a ball-jointed doll once a long time ago and have been wanting to do it. It’s named after the doll. :D I’ve included it in 85 colors (the colored tips looked off on this one) and it’s available only to the group. I love you, guys! Thanks again for all your support and the words of appreciation. They mean more to me than you know! <<3


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Aiko avatar released

Finally, the avatar I’ve been promising for weeks is out! Unfortunately, Thom the skin magician has a lot on his plate at the moment and didn’t have time to do the skin I was hoping for. Instead, I changed the anime skin a bit. I gave the nose a bit more shadow, added eye creases, highlights on the eyeshadow, and some more blush. It’s nothing drastic, but they were things about the skin that had been bugging me for a while now. I might just overhaul it entirely someday for all the skins, but that’s a long way down the road if I do decide to. Anyway. Here’s the avatar. ^_^


It’s my first attempt at sculpted shoes (and only my second attempt at shoes, ever. Sculpting is a whole lot easier in my opinion. I might try that again sometime; it was fun! The prim shoes I made were scary.) I’m still learning how to make clothes, but I won’t give up!

Christmas Stocking Treasure Hunt!

I’ve put together some goodies for everyone to enjoy for the holidays. Most of them are just winter-themed, so even if you don’t go in for the Christmas thing, there’s still something to enjoy. :) I still have a few ideas for winter stuff that I didn’t use in the hunt, so if find a spare moment I’ll put them up in the freebies section so you can just grab them. Have fun, good luck, and IM me if you’re stumped! The stockings are pretty small and are set to 0 L$ – much smaller than the two 1 L$ ones on the wall, and there are twelve in all! The hunt ends on Jan 2nd or 3rd, depending on when I get back from my holiday trip and how long it takes me to get up the energy to get back to work. ^_^


New hair – Aiko!

I’ve finally released the Aiko hair in all 120 colors! This is the hair I created for the full avatar by the same name that will be released shortly, pending the face getting finished. :P


On another note, the update group has reached 100 members! Wow! Thank you to all the members for your support and being such a special part of my second life. I’ll be giving out a group exclusive thank-you gift as soon as I think of something great to make for it!

Lastly, just a quick reminder that the fairy princess hair and the autumn fairy skin (which, for some dumb reason, I had forgotten to set for sale for a few days before I realized.. doh!) will only be on sale for two more days and then they will be retired, so now is your last chance!

I’m going to be visiting family tomorrow and will be gone, so an early Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans!

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Through next Friday, November 23, the Limited Edition Fairy Princess hairs and Autumn Fairy skin will be on sale. At that point, they will be retired to free up prims in the store. Enjoy!



New eyes!

The last week or so has been busy for me in RL, so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on things in SL. I’m finishing up another complete avatar, but am hung up on the skin for the time being because I want to give her a new face from any of my existing skins, and Thom’s doing it because I have a specific concept in mind that I’m having trouble with. He’s an even bigger perfectionist than I am, so I don’t know when it’ll be done, but it’s going to be so cute when it is. In the meantime, I’m releasing the next set of eyes (the grey ones from this set will be included in the new avatar, for whom they were made) and will be recoloring the hair to release it sometime soon as well.

Here’s the full set:


I like the way the rainbow ones turned out:


But my favorite ones are the light blue. ^_^ There’s something celestial about the light in them.


And finally, of course, the exclusive color for the update group:


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New release: Miaka hair!


This cute little hairstyle is inspired by the character Miaka from the manga/anime “Fushigi Yuugi”. It comes in 84 colors (the other 36, being color-tipped combinations, did not look very good with this style) and the bows are touch menu-driven color change.  Members of my update group will find a copy of the hair in the group exclusive color, Poison, in the latest notice.  ^_^   Stop by the store to try on a free demo!

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